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(Simple & Intimate sample)

...... and ...... have chosen this day to be married.  In choosing to marry on the Sunshine Coast, they wished to share quality time with those who are special in their lives, away from the demands of your usual busy lives.  They acknowledge they are fortunate to have around them those who are special in their lives.  You, their parents, siblings, family and friends are all here to show your love and support of their union.

(legal marriage statement here...)

READING (optional)

THE ASKING you take .... to be your wife/husband?  Do you promise to love and respect her/him, be honest with her/him, support and encourage her/him, throughout your life together?

'I do'


I ask those of you present to witness that I,...... take be my lawful wedded wife/husband.  I will support you through the difficult times, and celebrate with you in the good times.  I will always encourage you to be the best you can be, for all of our life together. (can have personal vows, or humour such as ' I will always try to understand your need to buy shoes/need to indulge in water sports every Saturday' etc)

FAMILY BLESSING (nice if both mum's come up to read something together...)

'Your love we know is strong already, enjoy its growth and feel the power that the love between you can bring.  The love of your family and friends will always be with you to strengthen any weakness you may find.  So enjoy your precious love, and grow even stronger together.  We love you both so much.'

On behalf of all your family and friends, both present and absent, I would like to wish you both a lifetime of happiness.  May you always be able to talk things over, confide in each other, laugh together, enjoy life together and share the moments of peace and quiet when the day is done.  May you have love and may you find it loving each other.


'The question is asked: is there anything more beautiful in life than a young couple clasping hands and pure hearts in the path of marriage? Can there be anything more beautiful than young love?' and the answer is given: ' Yes, there is a more beautiful thing.  It is the spectacle of an old man and old woman finishing their journey together on that path. Their hands are gnarled, but still clasped, their faces are seamed but still radiant, their hearts are physically bowed and tired, but still strong with love and devotion. Yes, there is a more beautiful thing than young love. Old Love.'


'It is with pleasure we name you......  ...... ......We wish you long life and happiness in a peaceful and loving world.  May you bring joy to your parents, grandparents, to all your family and friends. May you contribute to making this world a better and happier place'

Naming ceremonies are a beautiful, very personal and surprisingly (to many!) a very important opportunity for a community of family and friends to take the time to witness what the real meaning of life and love is all about...

funeral & memorial services


Sometimes on our journey through life we meet people who leave footprints on our mind. They challenge us to see things differently, and to question our personal reality. 

Sometimes on our journey through life we meet people who leave footprints on our hearts. They create a safe place for us to open our hearts to feel loved and special.

Then, sometimes on our journey through life we meet people who leave footprints on our souls - they share themselves with us so profoundly that they touch the very essence of who we are, in that secret, quiet place. 

.....has left footprints on the hearts, minds and souls of all those here today.  May you always remember her/his love, and the special way she/he touched your lives.'

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